There is an ever-growing threat that is wreaking havoc on our world. It’s devastating the climate and putting our planet in peril. One million tonnes of food we prepare in the hospitality & food service sector is thrown away; 75% of this could have been eaten. This costs our industry a staggering £2.9 billion each year. And that's not all. When our food waste ends up in landfill, it emits greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

That’s why a group of everyday heroes from across the industry is working together to fight food waste. To join the movement and rise up against food waste, download the campaign toolkit and resource pack. The toolkit gives you everything you need to support the campaign. The resource pack is a collection of essential tools to measure and reduce food waste within your business.


  • Campaign briefing
  • Campaign symbol
  • Short and long copy
  • Social media images and copy
  • Digital banners
  • Email signatures
  • Posters
  • Team briefing
  • Video content


  • A quickstart guide to reducing food waste
  • ‘6 ways to save food’ poster
  • 7 day tracking sheet
  • Food tracking calculator
  • Food tracking calculator instructions
  • Self-assessment matrix
  • Campaign summary checklist